Management of properties of all types [Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural].

How you manage your property today has a great impact on its value tomorrow. In Estate Surveying and Valuation, property management is different from agency, in that while agency services terminates with letting or sale of the property and the remittance of rent or proceeds of the transaction to the Landlord (vendor), the management surveyor retains control of the property, directing and supervising his client’s interest with the purpose of maximizing the investor’s return on the investment which could be financial, social or even in cultural terms as the case may be. We have numerous choice properties in our management portfolio, both residential, commercial and industrial properties.

We ensure that our clients sit back and enjoy the fruit of their investment, while we take responsibility over:

  • The quality of his tenant
  • Fair market rents on his property
  • Local, state and federal taxes on his properties
  • Lease and tenancy agreements with the tenants, including renewals and pre-vacation inspections
  • Service bills such as electricity, water and refuse collection for multi-tenanted properties
  • Security; Insurance; and Repairs and maintenance